Gal*Gun: Double Peace – Vita Review

So we got a Gal*Gun title localized, eh? For a game like this there are generally three camps of people.

  • Those who would never buy a title like this.
  • Those who would buy a title like this only if the gameplay made up for the fanservice.
  • Those who already bought it.

This review is for that second group.

Gal*Gun, for the uninitiated, is a rail shooter that features the protagonist running through various locations in and around a school campus while blasting lovestruck anime schoolgirls to give them “ecstasy.” If that one-sentence summary didn’t clue you in, this game probably has more ecchi fanservice than anything previously localized. The plot has something to do with a cupid-like angel named Ekoro aiming her weapon at a demon girl but her shot misses and hits the protagonist, Hodai, instead. Ekoro realizes she hit him with a full-power blast on accident and flies down to him to let him know the shot was so powerful he will be violently pursued by every single female on the grounds until the end of the day. If by the time the sun sets he hasn’t found his true love he will die. So there are some serious stakes here

Naturally, this is where the game branches. Subaru and her sister Maya, Hodai’s childhood friends who mysteriously disappeared years prior, reappear. You have to choose between the two and this is when you are locked into that particular girl’s route. Other routes are unlocked as you play through the game, including routes for the angel and demon characters, a route for both sisters, and true harem route involving every girl in the game.

Each route has slight variations on stages, but for the most part you will be going through the same basic set of 12 2-3 minute paths. Maybe in one route you will go to a dressing room instead of the track, but there isn’t much variance. Luckily, a few levels allow to to pick from a handful of locations so if you are replaying a girl’s route in pursual of a True Ending you can have a little change of scenery. Mechanically, the only thing you really control is the targeting reticle due to being on rails. It takes a little getting used to, especially with the Vita’s tiny stick, but once you do you’ll be able to shoot with decent accuracy. The speed of the reticle’s movements can be adjusted easily in the options as well. One thing to note of the game is that the girls that charge at you out of their mad love reappear throughout the game. Each of them has a name and discernible measurements and many of them you will come to recognize as you see them multiple times.  One strange if understandable choice was not translating the damaging screams the girls will sometimes shoot toward you as well as not providing subtitles during boss battles. While you can generally get the gist of what they’re saying due to the nature of the game and the tone of voice used by the VAs, it still would have been nice to at least have subtitles. vlcsnap-2016-06-21-12h03m47s973

The different routes do have a wider variety of boss battles. Subaru’s route, for example, has a touch battle where you have to scan her body and shoot small floating demons then try to free her from the window where she is stuck, another touch battle where she plays a more dominatrix role that has you once more scanning and shooting, a battle with a tentacle monster (of course), and then a final battle that’s more of a shootout. Maya’s has a few battles with a similar structure, but the setting and reasons for being there are different enough that the boss battles feel very fresh across the different routes.

The music in the game is decent. Nothing spectacular and mostly it just serves as a good BGM. The voice acting in the game is only in Japanese and is quite good. All the main characters, barring Hodai who has no VA, perform their parts well. The numerous girls that come for you in the game mostly speak in squeals and moans of ecstasy when they are blasted. This is definitely not a game to play on full volume with other people around. vlcsnap-2016-06-21-11h37m28s028

Gal*Gun: Double Peace released on both the PS4 and Vita. I played the Vita version, which is definitely the lesser of the two. If possible, I would recommend the PS4 version due to its lack of lag and, most importantly, its heavily reduced load times. The Vita versions has load times I haven’t experienced since the PS2 days, with entering or exiting stages taking somewhere around 20 seconds. Just booting up the game to the start screen from the main menu takes somewhere around a full minute. Maybe these times are better in the PSN downloaded version, but as it stands the PS4 version is easily the clear winner. Luckily, the game looks great and every girl looks unique (except for the one pair of twins, naturally) and recognizable. The handful of stage variations look good for what they are, but don’t expect much detail as they are only there to serve as background decoration. Unless you know Japanese Design-wise, I actually really like the four main girls. They are unique and recognizable and as far as pervy Vita games go, some of the best.

Trophy-wise the game isn’t terrible. Obtaining the platinum will likely take somewhere around 40-60 hours unless you’re really good at the game fromvlcsnap-2016-06-21-12h32m40s193 the start. Getting the true ending in each route accounts for a handful of trophies and it’s more difficult than it sounds. Factoring in your scores on boss battles and how many times you hit the heroine during them, your answers during multiple choice story segments, and whether you did the heroine’s side-quests or not, it’s very easy to accidentally land yourself with a good or bad end, meaning you have to play the game at least one more full time. The most time-consuming trophy is for recording all the data on every girl in the game. This means hovering your target reticle over their hips, waist, and bust to take their measurements as well as seeing them in their school uniform, gym outfit, and swimsuit. Obtaining this specific trophy will take the most time so being aware of its requirements and starting early is the only way to stop it from being a huge slog after you’ve done everything else.


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